Solidarity Sunday School

Discussions ahead:

Feb 17: Look back

Feb 24: DVD on Cultural Literacy for Religion

Mar 3: DVD on Cultural Literacy for Religion

Mar 10: DVD on Cultural Literacy for Religion

Mar 17: Barry Zalph on spiritual journey

Mar 24: David Mitchell on Hospous and/or his spiritual journey

Mar 31: John Birkimer on Flea Market Capitalism

Apr 7: DVD on Cultural Literacy for Religion

Apr 14: Sara Jo Hooper on Multiculturalism

Apr 21: Barry Creech on trip to Israel and Palestine

Apr 28: DVD on Cultural Literacy for Religion

May 5: John Birkimer on Compassion

Some things we value in Solidarity:

Our history together is one of the big factors that draws us in. 

The fact that we can have diverse opinions and still be accepted is very important.

Our attendance is affected by several factors, including:

    Many are working in other activities during the Sunday School hour

    When retirement hits, one important benefit is the freedom to jump up and run places 

    Summer is particularly uncertain, due to vacations, etc.

As we age, there is some comfort for many in having a familiar structure to rely on

We value having the stability of structure and freedom from  it

Interests expressed:

We are facing new issues (new to most of us) as we age. Perhaps an eldercare expert could help enlighten us.=

Forum article by Kevin Cosby, Courier-Journey July 1, 2012.

Bobbie and Diane will explore elder spiritual autobiographies

John Arnett has collected church member obituaries over the years, perhaps a source of enlightening history for us

Elder issues