Karen - Chin Refugees Among Us

Christian refugees who have fled Burma's oppressive military government, the Karen and Chin, have been attending CHBC and participating with us for some time now. On this page are links to information about these people and how they have come to be among us. Also included is a Karen to English dictionary.

Speaking Karen - some common words and phrases

Dictionary and more

www.drumpublications.org A wonderful Karen dictionary, pronunciation guide with sound, and some useful conversational prhrases in Karen.

Parallel Karen-English Bible

Background Information on atrocities they have fled, their culture and habits, and more

Karen Women's Organization including 128 page pdf file on "State of Terror" -- account of some 1000 atrocities committed by the Myanmar soldiers against the Karen.

A note from Annette Ellard, with great background info on Karen, Chin, and Karenni

I recently came across this excellent document that profiles refugees from Burma. In gives a good background of the situation in Burma as well as details about the main groups being resettled, including the Karen, the Chin and the Karenni. Because we have many of these people in our congregation, I think this will be a helpful resource for Americans who want to know these brothers and sisters better.


Also, I am attaching a link to the Karen Christian Leaders Newsletter in English and Karen. I think this might also be a good link to put on the CHBC site. If you follow this link, you can get both the English and Karen pdf.



Many of you are hungry for resources to know more about the Karen people as you welcome them into our congregation. We recommend as a starting point the website established by our missionary partners Duane and Marcia Binkley at www.karenkonnection.org. Topics include

         Are the Karen some of the immigrants we hear about in the news?

          How do the Karen get to America?

          Where in the U.S. are the Karen going?

               Whyare are the Karen refugees?

           Cultural tips and trends

          What happens when the Karen arrive in the U.S.?

          What can I or my church do to assist the Karen?

          What is the Baptist connection with the Karen

          Who are the Karen?